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Camaras Digitales Online Las Ultimas novedades en Camaras digitales.


Nikon D7200, Para los que Navegan Entre Dos Aguas: Fotografía y Video

Es inevitable sentirse tentado por las novedades. Sacan nuevos productos para seducirnos, sí que tienen mejoras, claro, pero es indiscutible que hay un mayor porcentaje de marketing que otra cosa, ¿no crees? Pero bueno, éste no es el debate de hoy, sino que el tema que voy a tratar en este artículo es la nueva […]

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The New Paranormal Activity Movie Revolves Around a “Spirit Photography” Camera

The last Paranormal Activity movie will feature a camera designed to see ghosts…


This Time-lapse Video Shows the Process of Creating a Fantasy Portrait Photoshoot in the Woods

A behind-the-scenes time-lapse look at Alexia Sinclair's fantastical portrait…


An Adventure Photographer’s Moving Video Tribute to His Dog

Pick up your camera and go photograph your pooch…


Hands On: Sony A7R II, RX100 IV and RX10 II

Our Senior Tech Editor takes his first look at Sony's three newly announced cameras…


New Gear: Sony Announces A7R II, RX100 IV and RX10 II Cameras

The latest cameras from Sony are jammed full of processing power and have some serious video chops…


This Is What 8K Video Looks Like on Youtube

8K video has started popping up on Youtube with 32-megapixels of resolution in each frame…


DJI Matrice 100 Drone Can Is Built For Developers, Designed Not to Crash

The latest drone from DJI is built on an open platform…


This Is What Happens When You Put a 55x F/1.7 Zoom Lens on a Panasonic GH4

Broadcast video lenses are truly incredible pieces of gear. They regularly cost more than $50,000 and sport massive zoom ranges with huge maximum apertures. One clever…


New Gear: GoPro Hero+ LCD Has a Built-In Touch Display

The new $300 GoPro camera has 1080p at 60 fps and a built-in touchscreen…


Watching This Japanese Master Rescue an Old Photo Print Is Fascinating

A master photo restorer works his magic on an old print…


This High Speed Experimental Camera Can Make a Trillion Images Per Second

A trillion frames per second is an unfathomable speed for a camera…


New Gear: Manfrotto Lumie LED Lights Fit In Your Camera’s Hot Shoe

Manfrotto's new LED lights provide extra illumination without taking up much space…


Video: Geoffrey Berliner’s Massive Collection of Antique Camera Lenses

The Executive Director of the Penumbra Foundation shows off his 19th century glass collection…


This Time Lapse of a Chilean Volcano Is Short But Impressive

The Calcubo volcano is currently erupting in Chile and it sure does look amazing…


GoPro HEROCast Is a High-Tech Solution For POV Broadcasting

They cost $7,500, but these broadcast-grade wireless transmitters make GoPro cameras even more powerful…


Video: You Should Watch This Timelapse of Alaska’s Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis is looking really good in this short film 

Astrophotography is an increasingly popular way to capture the beauty of our natural world and this short film from Alexis Coram shows exactly why. 


To capture the awesome footage that makes up this timelapse, Coram spent four nights outside of Fairbanks, Alaska in February. “Two of those nights were entirely overcast and not a light could be seen,” she writes in the video’s description on Vimeo. “The other two nights were electrifying. I stood outside for hours, shooting and gazing in awe at the orchestral dance above and around me.” 

Check out Coram’s website for more photos from Alaska’s massive sky. 

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Video: Behind the Scenes with Peter Hurley, the Headshot King

Watch as our Editor-in-Chief Miriam Leuchter spends time in front of the lens of a headshot master

Peter Hurley is one of the top headshot photographers in the country and when he told our Editor-in-Chief, Miriam Leuchter that he wanted to take her portrait she jumped at the chance. The skilled photographer regularly shoots actors, models and CEOs, and has a knack for making each of his subjects look attractive and confident in front of the camera.

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Hurley picked up a camera back in 2000. “I was a model/actor bartender dude and I didn’t want to be in the bar until 4 am anymore,” he says. “I gotta figure out how to make money with a  camera. How do I take this device and create something that person is going to be proud of.” These days the charismatic shooter runs studios in New York and Los Angels, has a successful workshop series and associates working around the world using his signature “Peter Hurley” style—which he says is all about simplicity. 

“I think the simpler you can make it the more it becomes about the relationship between the photographer and the subject and you will be able to create something out of that,” he says. 

Want more tips from this portrait pro? Keep an eye on newsstands for our April issue which features a ton more tips and tricks from Hurley on capturing you’re subjects most flattering angles. 

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